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Captain Picard restores the prime timeline

The Temporal Integrity Commission was a 29th century Federation agency tasked with protecting the timeline from temporal incursions and maintaining the integrity of the Temporal Prime Directive

The Commission has (from time to time) enlisted the aide of Starfleet officers and personnel and in this video enlists the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E to prevent the alterations brought by JJ Abrams and restore the prime timeline



Shatner & Nimoy scripted in mission to realign timeline on eve of Trek’s 50th Anniversary

Details on the yet-to-be-titled ‘Star Trek 3’, the thirteenth motion picture of the Trek franchise, have begun to stream out at full-impulse the past two weeks thanks to Zachary Quinto, William Shatner, the films’ co-writer J.D. Payne and Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon.

Mayor Won-Soon, who traveled to Los Angeles last week as part of a delegation working to model Seoul’s Emergency Preparedness System after L.A., visited the Paramount Picture lot last Sunday as his final stop, signing a deal with Jeffrey Chernov to film Star Trek 3 in the South Korean capitol. The mayor has since confirmed on the news on Seoul’s Official Facebook page.

Records on file with the Seoul Film Commission confirm a number rumors and new details yet to be released by Paramount, listing Chernov and J.J. Abramsas the film’s co-producers and Roberto Orci as director. Oscar winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda will shoot the film digitally, the first for a Star Trek film. Listing Vancouver as its principal [film] location, ^Star Trek 3 is set to begin filming January 28th, 2015*. 

Only days prior to Mayor Won-Soon’s revelation, actor Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in Star Trek (2009) and its sequel Into Darkness, stated that filming was at least six  months away during an appearance to promote his new documentary series The Chair on NBC’s Today Show.


It was previously reported that Orci himself confirmed via a forum post that the first script to the third film in the Abrams-era had recently been completed by him and co-writers Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne.

Orci, who pinned the ‘soft-boot’ 2009 film and Into Darkness, is a self-described Trekkie and felt most familiar with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In at least three separate interviews Orci has expressed his desire to incorporate familiar characters from other Trek series’ as while as exploring the possibility of including additional original cast members in future films, steering the franchise in a direction different than what Abrams had sought. 

Speaking as a guest on the Humans From Earth podcast, Orci  explained: [Continue Reading after the jump]




Purportedly launched on stardate 54172, the U.S.S. Dauntless was an alleged prototype vessel of the new Dauntless-class [starship program]. It was first encountered in 2374 by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant on stardate 51978.2 following encrypted instructions (believed to have been sent by Starfleet Command) to proceed to a designated spatial grid.

The Dauntless was constructed by the alien  Arturis, the lone surviving member of the Borg designated Species 116, and employed a fully functional quantum slipstream drive- the first working slipstream ever encountered by a Federation Starfleet crew.

In attempt to resemble a Federation starship, the ship employed a method of particle synthesis designed to mask its interior and exterior signatures from authentication. 

At 150 meters (492 ft) in length and rising 7 decks in height, the vessel was approximately half the size of the U.S.S. Voyager (343 meters and 15 decks) but designed to only require a crew of 1 for complete functionality and operation.

The Dauntless lacked nearly all amenities typically found on Federation starships including centralized or designated areas for off-duty socialization, dining and other forms recreation integral for a healthy crew moral and positive social-structure.

All crew quarters [too] shared in the vessel’s focus on efficiency through ultra-lean design as each room had designed for only shared-living in three and four-person single room dormitory configurations.

The ship armament consisted of a standard phaser, shield and tractor beam system. However, the overall design of the vessel suggests it was constructed to utilize its quantum slipstream drive not only for propulsion but defensive and offensive purposes as while.

While in possession of the Voyager crew, vital understanding and analysis of the ship’s slipstream drive resulted in a significant leap forward in the exotic and highly experimental technology for Starfleet and allowed the Voyager crew to integrate a modified version of the drive with Voyager's own systems based on model simulations and brief testing aboard the Dauntless itself. 

This allowed the crew to transverse several thousand light-years in hours and return to Borg space on a rescue mission and back [300 light-years further in its journey prior to its use] before the experimental drive overloaded ship systems.

The U.S.S. Dauntless was presumably destroyed by the Borg Collective on or after stardate 51981.6. However, temporal records maintained by 30th century Federation (Department of Temporal Investigations) reveal its design had been adopted by Starfleet by the 26th century with at least one Dauntless-class starship participating in the Battle of Procyon V


Production for the yet-to-be-titled Star Trek 3 is moving forward, with filming expected to begin in the next six months according to Zachary Quinto.

The 37 year old actor, who played Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek (2009) and its 2013 sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, revealed the tidbit during an interview appearance Tuesday on NBC’s Today Show:

“I think [the next Star Trek movie] is on the horizon,” he said. “Things are rumbling, so I have a feeling that we will be back in production sometime in the next six months.”

No other details were revealed, though the film’s co-writer, J.D. Payne, recently spoke about the plot for Star Trek 3 with

“We’re trying to set up a kind of situation where you really could – and not in just an ‘everything’s relative’ sort of moral relativism. You could be a good person of any creed or philosophical background and come down on both sides of how you should respond to this opportunity that the crew has… that also has some pitfalls to it where you could argue very, very, very compellingly that ‘this’ is what you should do, and if you’re advocating ‘this’, then it’s actually evil.”

As previously reported, the U.S.S. Enterprise will head out on a mission in deep space in Star Trek 3 in what is said to be an original story. Fans will be quick to begin considering possible and [feasible] plot scenarios as it appears the challenge of deep space exploration will weigh heavily on the Enterprise crew and give the film the moral and philosophical undertones mentioned by Payne. 

To date, almost no official information on the film has been released by Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot Productions or Skydance; but, Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness co-writer Roberto Orci is said to have recently completed the film’s script with Payne and Patrick McKay and is expected to helm the director’s seat in what will be his directorial debut.

Abrams, who vacated the directors seat earlier this year in favor of directorial duties on the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, remains the film’s producer.

Star Trek 3 will be the thirteenth (13) film in the franchise and is expected to be released in 2016 in time for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary | STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE

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